English for Finance and Banking- Cambridge ICFE

Using financial and banking terminology with confidence

This interactive, 39-hour program provides you with a dynamic introduction to specialized financial and banking terms in English. It successfully combines an understanding of financial and banking concepts and processes with the use of terminology in realistic business contexts. There is no homework, all activities are performed in class.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Use essential banking vocabulary with accuracy, fluency, and confidence
  • Use this vocabulary to offer viewpoints, give opinions, and make comparisons of financial accounts
  • Use financial terminology to discuss or present facts and figures with accuracy and clarity
Certify your Financial English level with ICFE

Upon successful completion of the program you will receive a Certificate of Attendance. You may also wish to sit for ICFE – The International Certificate in Financial English. Cambridge ICFE is a high level, internationally recognized qualification for aspiring and established financial professionals.


Commercial Banking Operations

  • Roles, structures, operations, services, competition, loans, consumer credit, electronic banking
  • Modern banking operations

Essentials of Company Finance

  • Terminology related to financial decisions, budgeting, and break-even analysis
  • Sources and use of capital and planning for profitability and meeting financial objectives of the corporation

Financial Statements

  • Discussion on financial statements – their structure and purpose
  • Presentation and interpretation of financial ratios and cash-flows

Financial Planning and Decisions

  • Interpreting information from financial statements and stock market indicators
  • Discussing practicalities of raising capital

Working Capital Management

  • Use of terminology for daily management of inventory, cash and credit in a modern corporation

Small Business Finance

  • Building confidence to discuss with capital providers or receivers
  • Addressing differences in terminology related to small-business financing process

Capital Markets and Investment

  • Terminology related to operations in the stock exchange and derivatives market
  • The financial press and discussing financial issues in meetings


Course Code 320
Department Vocational Training
Instructor Dr Leonidas Tzonis
Instruction Languages EN
Prerequisites Intermediate command of the English language (at least Lower level)
Who should attend Professionals in the financial and banking sector, executives working in the financial department, journalists
Certificate of AttendanceYes
Offered OnlineNo
Available to Buy OnlineNo
Course Fees €580.00


Days and Hours Start Date End Date Hours per Week
Monday & Wednesday, 18:00-21:00 13/10/2014 26/11/2014 6
Last Update At: 2014/12/11 - 13:49:01


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