Keep up to date with Business English

Use the news to practice and build your confidence

This 16-hour course will help you further practice your business language in English, feel confident participating in business discussions, and stay up-to-date with current and emerging business development that can be of value to your work. Based on news stories from the international business media, such as Forbes, Management Today, the Huffington Post, the BBC and TED talks, each session will examine the relevant vocabulary, discuss the meaning, and unpack the implications of the story under discussion. Different activities, like discussions, role-plays, case studies, or short presentations will also be used in class. The program is taught in small groups of up to 13 people. There is no homework.


“The Greek island where time is running out” (The Guardian)

  • Discussing current affairs diplomatically

“The recession gave one industry a boost”. (Huffington post)

  • Stock market trends, surprising ways to predict changes in the stock market, and the language for rise and fall

“Japan and the kaizen philosophy”. (BBC news)

  • Cross cultural differences in management and an exploration of the language used when overcoming communication difficulties

“Don’t mess with Texas”. (CNN)

  • The importance of marketing, and the language of branding and marketing

“Public-Speaking Lessons from The World's Greatest TED Talks”. (Forbes)

  • Presentation techniques and the language of presentations

“Woman fired for using capitals in e mails”. (TNW)

  • What not to do in professional e mails, the language of e mails, abbreviations and set phrases

“Meet the people who make metal cans”. (Changing Winds)

  • Alternative approaches to management and the language of Human Resources

“How to avoid business networking fatigue”. (Management Today)

  • Making small talk and making the right first impression in English


Course Code BUS01
Department Vocational Training
Instructor Michael Robbs
Instruction Languages EN
Prerequisites Intermediate command of the English language (B2/Lower level)
Who should attend Professionals who wish to improve all four skills (listening, writing, speaking, reading) for business interaction
Certificate of AttendanceYes
Offered OnlineNo
Available to Buy OnlineNo
Course Fees €160.00
Last Update At: 2016/07/08 - 10:59:11


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