List of Shipping Seminars and Certificates


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  • ISPS Code
    The ISPS and the enhanced SOLAS security provisions provide a standardized framework to detect and mitigate the threat of terrorism to international port facilities and shipping. The program focuses on the correct implementation of security measures required at international level.
  • ISM Code
    The seminar introduces participants to maritime safety management in compliance with the International Safety Management Code.
  • Risk Assessment Management
    This seminar helps internal and external Auditors understand and apply the risk assessment management framework.
  • International Convention on Maritime Labor – MLC 2006
    This program provides specialized knowledge of all key aspects of the MLC so that internal and external Auditors can apply MLC during their inspections.
  • Maritime Leadership
    The program helps shipping managers develop leadership skills to be able to respond to such challenges.
  • Marine Medical Care
    This seminar helps participants acquire the knowledge and skills to prevent, diagnose and treat medical urgencies on board.
  • Maritime Diversity Management
    The program highlights the importance of diversity management in operating the ship properly, fostering high productivity levels and preventing damages or accidents which occur due to miscommunication or misunderstanding.
  • Marine Incident Investigation
    This seminar highlights the causes of marine incidents and the mechanisms for their prevention. It also covers the methodology for properly investigating incidents with respect to the legal framework and IMO guidelines.
  • Ship Sale and Purchase
    This seminar examines the most common sale and purchase contracts, explains the structure, terms and clauses usually found in such contracts, and discusses the practical implications of each.
  • Introduction to English Contract Law
    This seminar will present the main topics of English contract law, the structure of such contracts, and the main principles involved in negotiating, entering into and terminating them.
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