Upcoming Cultural Seminars at the Hellenic American Union

Oct 8, 2018 - Dec 22, 2018

Registration for the fall cultural seminars has begun...

2018 Cultural Seminars & Programs

Registration for the new cultural programs offered by the Hellenic American Union during the fall semester has begun.

Beginning in October 2018 the Hellenic American Union will be offering the following online cultural seminars:

Online Seminar "Social Media and Arts Management": The seminar examines the new skills that all culture professionals need to develop to meet the challenges of the new digital and highly networked era. Instructor: Lida Tsene

Online Seminar "Arts Management / Museology": The seminar offers an introduction to the meaning and significance of cultural heritage as well as the principles of arts management. Instructor: Alexandra Nikiforidou

Online Seminar "Audience Enlargement and Enrichment in the field of Culture": Introduction to the different funding strategies and sustainable business models employed by cultural organizations and social enterprises. Instructors: Lida Tsene and Christos Papamichail

Moreover, the Hellenic American Union offers a new series of lectures by Platon Rivellis: 

"Motion and rest" in photography and cinema:
For the thirteenth consecutive year, Platon Rivellis, renowned theoretician of photography, presents a series of lectures on photography and cinema.


Organizer Hellenic American Union
Start Date 08/10/2018
End Date 22/12/2018
Type Workshop
Participants Lida Tsene, Alexandra Nikiforidou, Christos Papamichail, Platon Rivellis
Languages: EL
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: Yes
Reservation Required: No
Last Update At: 2018/10/18 - 14:48:58



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