PET for Schools Format and Content

Section Time Description # of items
Reading & Writing 1 hour 30 minutes Part 1
Five very short texts (they may be signs and messages, postcards, notes, emails, labels, etc.). You have to read them and answer a question choosing one of the three options (A, B or C).
5 questions
Part 2
Five short descriptions of people and eight short texts to read. You have to match each person to a text.
5 questions
Part 3
A long text and ten sentences about the text. You have to read the text and say if each sentence is true or false.
10 questions
Part 4
A long text and five questions. You have to read the text and choose the right answer (A, B, C or D) for each of the five questions.
5 questions
Part 5
A short text with ten numbered spaces. Each space represents a missing word and you have to choose the right answer from a choice of four (A, B, C or D).
10 questions
Part 6
Five questions which are all about the same theme. For each question there is one complete sentence and a second sentence which has a missing word or words. You have to complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence.
5 questions
Part 7
The instructions tell you who to write to and what you should write (a postcard, note, email, etc.).
1 question
Part 8
You have a choice of two questions: an informal letter (for example, to a friend) or a story.
1 question
Listening About 30 minutes, plus 6 minutes to copy answers on to the answer sheet Part 1
Seven short recordings. For each recording there is a question and three pictures (A, B or C). You have to listen to the recordings and choose the right answer.
7 questions
Part 2
A longer recording (one person speaking or an interview) and six questions. You have to listen to the recording and choose the right answer (A, B or C) for each question.
6 questions
Part 3
A longer monologue (one person speaking) and a page of notes which summarise the text. Six pieces of information are missing from the notes. You have to listen to the recording and fill in the missing information.
6 questions
Part 4
An informal conversation and six sentences. You have to listen to the conversation and decide if each sentence is true or false.
6 questions
Speaking 10-12 minutes per pair of candidates Part 1
Conversation with the examiner. The examiner asks questions and you give information about yourself, talk about past experiences, studies, where you live etc., and future plans.
4 parts
Part 2
The examiner gives you some pictures and describes a situation to you. You have to talk to the other candidate and decide what would be best in the situation.
Part 3
The examiner gives you a colour photograph and you have to talk about it.
Part 4
Further discussion with the other candidate about the same topic as the task in Part 3.
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