A visit to the exhibition: "Athens. The Spirit of the ’60s: A changing capital"

Nov 19, 2014

On Wednesday, 19 November 2014, students from our Greek Language courses visited the gallery of the Hellenic American Union and had the chance to admire the exhibition of photographic and archival material entitled: "Athens. The spirit of the ‘60s: A changing capital".

Exhibion: Athens, the spirit of the  '60s

The subject matter of the exhibition "Athens. The Spirit of the ’60s: A changing capital" is the "modern" metropolis that was born in the years of the economic boom. The exhibition, curated by journalist Nikos Vatopoulos, features photographs from largely private archives, postcards, magazines and other materials, which transport us to the atmosphere and urban setting of the ’60s. Particular emphasis is placed on the social changes which took place between the late ’50s and the onset of the dictatorship in 1967. The material provides examples of new buildings, new social mores, consumerism, and the connection with international tourist networks. 

After the visit, the students talked in Greek about their impressions of the exhibition at the Hellenic American Union’s cafeteria.


Start Date 19/11/2014
End Date 19/11/2014
Type Field Trip
Languages: EL
Interpretation Provided: No
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