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Business & IT Training


  • Pitching
    The purpose of any pitch is simple: to convey your message as clearly and quickly as possible. During this interactive workshop you will be introduced to successful pitching techniques, that will help you grab any audience’ attention and present yourself, your idea, or product in seconds, and in a clear, concise and effective way
  • Advanced Shipping Finance
    Funding is essential for the growth and expansion of shipping companies. The seminar analyses traditional forms and types of financing through banks, as well as new products and methods, such as alternative investment funds e.g. Private Equity Funds both for ship owners and lender-investors.
  • Editing Professional and Business Documents
    A practical, 8-hour seminar that will help you identify and correct common problems in the organization, content and language of professional and business documents in English.
  • Speech Training
    The seminar will help participants, through technical exercises, to express themselves with clarity, at proper speed and in a suitable tone of voice, in order to make themselves understood, keep others interested and communicate effectively.
  • Customer and User Experience as a Growth Drive for Export Sales
    Customer and user experience with a product/brand affects their buying decision as well as their loyalty with the brand. The seminar analyzes customer and user experience parameters, to be used by companies that sell their products in foreign markets.
  • Export Business Plan
    The seminar presents, in a practical, step-by-step way, all the parameters that need to be examined for the development of an export business plan, while it also provides necessary clarification and advice for each part of the plan.
  • Agricultural Exports
    The seminar covers all practical aspects of the export process, from infrastructure to the tools needed for success.
  • Wine and Spirits Exports
    This seminar covers all key parameters and practices for exporting wine and spirits in foreign markets.
  • Effective Listening in the Workplace
    The seminar presents the tools and practices that will help you develop your active and empathetic listening skills in order to improve your relationships and to achieve your professional goals.
  • Personal Power and Influence
    The seminar will help you realize the sources of your personal power and identify your influencing style to further use it towards the accomplishment of your career goals.
  • Social Intelligence and Interpersonal Effectiveness
    This seminar will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the main factors that affect interpersonal effectiveness. It will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the others around you through theory and a lot of practical exercises.
  • Self re:branding
    The seminar will help you to re-define and build your personal brand. It will also help you to manage your public image and story.
  • Time Management
    The seminar focuses on three stages of time management, from replenishing personal energy to defining priorities and changing collective practices in the workplace.
  • Critical Thinking for Problem Solving and Crisis Management
    The seminar covers the basic principles of critical thinking and its practical application in decision making and crisis management at individual, group and corporate level.
  • Business Grammar Refresher
    This 21-hour course will help you refresh your knowledge of the grammar commonly used in Business English so that you can communicate more clearly and concisely.
  • Ship Sale and Purchase
    This seminar examines the most common sale and purchase contracts, explains the structure, terms and clauses usually found in such contracts, and discusses the practical implications of each.
  • Shipping Loans
    Shipping loans have special features compared to conventional loans. The main objective of the seminar is to explain the structure and the basic clauses of a shipping loan.
  • Growth Hacking Academy
    Join the No.1 training program in Greece on Growth Hacking techniques.
  • A Practical Overview of Shipping and Maritime Companies
    The seminar aims at providing you with a practical overview of shipping and will introduce you to the main topics, the key terminology and the procedures and operational parameters of maritime companies.


  • Dec 1, 2017
    Service Design Thinking (February 8-10, 2018)
    This unique workshop is organized in cooperation with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, and will enable you to understand user needs, come up with great service concepts, communicate these ideas well, and create sophisticated experience prototypes to test your concepts...
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