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Business & IT Training


  • Foundations of Financial Risk
    This risk management preparation course for the Foundations of Banking Risk Certificate (FBR), ensures basic understanding of risk-related issues so that employees are better equipped to recognize any problems or trends whatsoever and address them appropriately.
  • Financial Risk and Regulation
    This four-day preparation course for the Finacial Risk & Regulation,delivers a deep, qualitative understanding of risk management methodologies, governance structures for the management of risk in banks, and the regulatory principles outlined by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
  • CBAP® Preparation Seminar
    We prepare you for the CBAP examination.
  • Advanced Operational Risk Analysis
    Examine key qualitative operational risk techniques
  • IFRS9 Impact
    The objective of the training is to provide participants with leading and relevant updates on IFRS9 implementation.
  • Export Business Plan
    The seminar takes you through all the steps involved in developing an export business plan and gives practical advice for each part of the plan.
  • Corporate Debt Restructuring
    How to develop a corporate restructuring plan.
  • Advanced Bank Analysis
    This seminar provides the tools and techniques to address challenges in bank, credit and risk analysis, and in due diligence issues which arise when analyzing emerging market banks.
  • Executive Corporate Risk Governance Seminar for Board Directors
    This is a highly interactive seminar for senior managers and executive designed to ensure delegates are fully appreciative of the current expectations for risk and corporate governance, now recognized as international ‘Best Practice’.





Examinations & Certifications


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