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The Hellenic American Union has been participating in book exhibitions throughout Greece since 1999. Book exhibitions let language school owners and teachers of English as a Foreign Language know what new publications are available and how they can best be used to enhance students' learning. These exhibitions give you an oppportunity to find out more about the examinations administered by the Hellenic American Union, to learn about our professional development programs for teachers and to meet our representatives.





March 2, 2019 PALSO LARISAS Larisa, Hotel Metropol
March 3, 2019 PALSO N. MAGNISIAS Volos, Forum
March 3, 2019 PALSO N. KILKIS Kilkis, KEK Epimorfotiki Kilkis
March 16, 2019 PALSO N. SERRON Serres, Hotel Elpida
March 17, 2019 INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS Thessaloniki, Hotel The Met
March 17, 2019 PALSO SPARTIS Sparti, "Red"
March 17, 2019 PALSO CHALKIDAS Chalkida, Hotel Lucy
March 30, 2019 PALSO N. KARDITSAS Karditsa, Hotel Kierion
March 30, 2019 PALSO N. ACHAIAS Patra, Hotel Astir
March 30-31, 2019 INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHERS Athens, Hotel Divani Caravel
March 31, 2019 PALSO AIT/NIAS Agrinio, Dimotiki agora Agriniou
April 6, 2019 PALSO N. KAVALAS Kavala, Hotel Lucy
April 6, 2019 PALSO N .THEOSPROTIAS Igoumenitsa, Dimarcheio Igoumenitsas
April 6, 2019 PALSO N. TRIKALON Trikala, Gallery Art Hotel
April 7, 2019 PALSO ZAKYNTHOU Zakynthos, "O Zakynthos"
April 7, 2019 PALSO N. ARTAS Arta, epimelitirio Artas
April 13, 2019 PALSO N. IMATHIAS  Veroia, Hotel Aiges Melathron
April 13, 2019 PALSO N. IOANNINON Ioannina, Hotel Du Lac
April 14, 2019 PALSO CORFU Corfu, Ariti Grand Hotel
April 14, 2019 PALSO N. KOZANIS Kozani, Hotel Aliakmon
April 21, 2019 PALSO N. LESVOU Mytilene, Hotel Iliotropio
May 5, 2019 PALSO N. DRAMAS Drama, Hotel Grand Hydrama


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