Inbound & Growth Marketing 3-hour Crash Course - 13 Nov.


Athens, 13 November 2018 - Register now

We discuss what Inbound and Growth Marketing and what skills do you need as a digital marketer to use inbound marketing tools and techniques to attract, engage and keep your audience happy.

Let us show you:

  • What is Inbound Marketing and how you can exploit this methodology to increase sales
  • How inbound marketing can help you better connect your competitive sales advantage and your product with your audience
  • What tools does an inbound marketing stack contains
  • What skills and competencies you need to apply inbound marketing an how to get them

We will also show you best pracices and pitfalls driven from our instsructors' experience in working with major companies and Silicon Valley startups.

The presentation willl be in Greek.

Free attendance. Registration is mandatory.


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