An advanced and adaptive online study guide for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® candidates

Our partners, Global Business Management Consultants have developed a unique interactive online tool that allows candidates to study for the Certification tests, and for certified professionals to gain PDUs to satisfy the Continuing Certification Requirements Program. 

PMTestOnline uses advanced adaptive learning programming for getting to know you - your knowledge, pace and speed - providing a smoother and smoother learning experience like there is a real tutor at the other end.  While there are several online sites or similar products that boast of questions and mock tests, there is nothing out there that is as engaging and easy to use as PMTestOnline.  The system contains hundreds of thousands multiple-choice questions and information texts generated from a huge logical connected pool.  Questions are being added every day. 

How does it work

  • You can try it free without signing up.
  • Then you can subscribe clicking the "Subscriptions" button
  • You can immediately choose topics and start exercising with sample questions. 
  • You may choose a particular area to study instead of the entire subject area
  • You can take a practice exam with 200 practice questions. You may vary the exam content to focus on familiar/unfamiliar areas
  • The system uses artificial intelligence programming to decide questions to ask you depending on your prior responses, so you get the feeling that you are being trained by a real person.
  • It remembers you once you've created a login and password, so when you revisit the site you continue where you left off.
  • It contains a league table showing you where you stand against all the users around the world, allowing prizes to be offered for the best performers.
  • The system understands the relationship between questions and can react to your answers.  The system generates its own questions using a pool of distracters so that there are potentially thousands and you may not see the exact same options twice for the same question.
  • PMTestOnline simulates a real tutor by using a group of formulae to calculate a score for each question you answer, taking into consideration various factors such as: your correct/incorrect answer history for the question, level of difficult in general, how quickly you learned other questions in the same topic.
  • The "intelligent repetition" algorithm of this system matches they way people learn and you will only be presented with new questions when there are no previously seen questions due for a repeat.
  • It contains "50/50" and "show the answer" options to help you if you're stuck on a question, and you can view the infotext page which contains the answer, then try the question again
  • No software to download or install - any internet connection is sufficient

This service is offered at no charge for those who participate in our PMP® Prep CoursesBecause it is a study aid and not a replacement for official study materials, this tool does not replace our PMP Prep Course class and the material that goes with this course.  This tool complements our classes and will help you refresh, entertain and test your knowledge.

Each subscription is available for one year and grants 11 PDUs.  Taking our preparation course along with PMTestOnline gives you 35 PDUs and a thorough preparation for taking the test with flying colors.

However, PMTestOnline is also a very useful learning tool for anyone whising to learn or brush up on their project management knowledge.  If you are a certified project manager and wish to satisfy CCR program requirements, this tool comes at a cost of 129 USD.

See more about SofaStudyTM here.


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