Why certify as a professional project manager


Professionals gain:

  • Knowledge and proof of competence. Professional certification is a statement that the professional has gone that extra mile to certify experience and competence towards a recognized professional standard.
  • Job security, higher salaries and career advancement. There are a number of surveys that suggest increased salary and career advancement opportunities for certified project managers.
  • International recognition. Getting certified by a leading professional certification in project management you become a part of a globally recognized family of project management professionals.
  • Continued professional growth. Professional certifications in project management demand on-going training and learning through certain re-certification requirements.

Organizations need certified project managers because the want:

  • Increased project performance and lower operational costs. This happens when the right people with the right skills are managing the right projects, doing the right job.
  • Higher morale. Certification helps people do their job better and that elevates morale. Certification can also be a practical way for the company to establish professional goals for employees and ensure they remain qualified.
  • More clients. Companies who hire professional project managers gain industry recognition and increased credibility in the market.
  • Return on their training investment.

5 reasons to certify with HAU CoE courses

  • Hands-on or online instruction by international experts
  • Small classes (maximum class size: 15)
  • Full-time instructional support
  • Job search assistance
  • Earn credits toward a certificate

Preparation courses for Project Management professional certifications

Which Project Management certification should I choose?

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