This study provides an overview of the relationship between art and politics. After having defined both art and politics, in the sense in which they are used in this study, this paper examines what makes them overlap and interact.

By investigating the role of committed art in this paper, the authors have distinguished three versions of it: Committed art "inspired by politics", Committed art "in the service of politics" and Committed arty "by mistake". All three versions are connected to the "commitment" discourse, but each of them differs in the origins of this connection. The cases are illustrated with examples of art works from various historical moments.

In addition, the paper discusses the key arguments and debates involved in the study of committed art and propaganda. It assesses the need for propaganda from antiquity till nowadays as well as the response of the people to it. Expanding chronologically, the authors take into consideration all the sociocultural and political factors of each era.

This study ends up answering how much of art is after all uncommitted.

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