The Greek Community of Odessa, 250 Years of National Uplifting

May 20, 2016

Event dedicated to the Greeks in Odessa, organized in cooperation with the Hellenic American College (HAEC) and the Association “Hellenic Roots”…

Odessa's library

Since its founding in 1794, Odessa, attracted Greek merchants, insurance brokers and ship owners who laid the foundations of their business networks. They also supported the Greek education by founding in Odessa institutions of great prestige in SE Europe. New research programs and the promotion of scientific interchange and cooperation between Ukraine, Greece and Russia have prompted a rewriting of history of the Greek community in Odessa, which left its mark on the establishment of the independent Greek state through the Filiki Eteria.

Dr.  Gelina Harlafti will talk about the Greeks enterprises in Odessa during the 19th century, Dr. Natalia Basenko-Kormali will talk about the work of the educationalist Kalliroe Siganou-Parren and Anna Sydorenko will present the riches of the Ukrainian historical archives. Dr. Nikitas Simos will give the audience a glance into the city’s history.


Organizer Hellenic American Union, Hellenic American College (HAEC), Association "Hellenic Roots"
Venue Hellenic American Union Theater
Start Date 20/05/2016
End Date 20/05/2016
Starting Time 19:00
Type Talk - Presentation
Participants Dr. Gelina Harlafti, Dr. Natalia Basenko-Kormali, Anna Sydorenko, Dr. Nikitas Simos
Languages: EL
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Admission is free
Last Update At: 2016/05/24 - 14:45:42



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