On the drop Spindle of the World

Jun 26, 2019

Book presentation of poetry collection by Evangeli Brami…

Cover detail of the poetry collection "On the drop Spindle of the World" presented at the Hellenic American Union

Evangeli Brami’s collection of poems On the drop Spindle of the World consists of three sections: “Unripe Sunrises” comprises poems she wrote as a high school and university student; “At the sun’s neighborhood” includes more mature poems; finally, in “SMS for you, my darling”, technology meets literature in short poems, some of which were sent to individual recipients. In the foreword to her book, the poet notes: “All three sections revolve around the same axis. My soul and my life. My God, Greece, my family, my fellow humans.”

Evangeli Brami was born in Palaiomonastiro of Trikala. She studied on a scholarship at the University of Athens Law School. Currently she is serving as justice at the Athens Administrative Court of Appeal. She has been writing poetry since the early years of high school. Her poems have appeared in the journal of Greek administrative judges To Vima ton Dioikitikon Dikaston, and she is a founding member of the Circle of Greek Judges-Authors (KELD).

The book will be discussed by: Theodoros Psychogios, Member of the Legal Council of the Hellenic State; Georgios Kaffes, Judge of Appeal, member of the Tripartite Managing Council of the Piraeus Administrative Court of Appeal, co-ordinator of the legal journal Dioikitiki Diki (Administrative Trial); Evgenia I. Marmara, political scientist, historian, student of law, member of the non-governmental organization Athens Network of Collaborating Experts (ANCE); Evangelia Marantou, attorney at law, General Secretary of the historic Athens Bar Association Choir.

The event, presented and moderated by Alexis Kostalas, features a performance by the Athens Bar Association Choir taught and conducted by lawer and music professor Dimitri Karouzo.


Artist Evangeli Brami
Organizer Hellenic American Union, Degiorgio Editions. Athens Bar Association Choir
Venue Hellenic American Union Theater
Start Date 26/06/2019
End Date 26/06/2019
Starting Time 19:15
Type Talk - Presentation
Participants Theodoros Psychogios, Georgios Kaffes, Evgenia I. Marmara, Evangelia Marantou, Alexis Kostalas
Languages: EL
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Admission is free
Last Update At: 2019/06/27 - 13:07:56



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