Nuevas Cinefilias – Online

Nov 6, 2020 - Nov 29, 2020

A series of screenings dedicated to the spirit of resistance in “The Other Spanish Cinema”…

"Niñato" wiil be screened online as part of the "Nuevas Cinefilias"
“The Other Spanish Cinema” is a term used to describe a branch of Spanish film production done by a group of early 21st-century filmmakers. It is largely the result of the digital revolution and new narrative models aimed at modern-day viewers, i.e. people who have already assimilated postmodernism. The quality and representativeness of the films has been acknowledged through their participation in festivals and the creation of a new film culture that has reshaped cinephilia. The series “Nuevas cinefilias: The Spirit of Resistance in the ‘Other Spanish Cinema’” aims to introduce the Greek public to this new aspect of Spain’s most independent and creative film production.
All films will be available online, free of charge. Each film will be screened from 9 p.m. every Friday in November and will be available for 48 hours, on the dates shown below. All films will be screened with Greek subtitles.
Schedule of screenings:
6/11 – 8/11, 21:00:  Niñato (2017) by Adrián Orr. Duration: 68΄. Rating: PG-12. Watch the movie 
13/11 – 15/11, 21:00:  Ver a una mujer (2017), by Mónica Rovira. Duration: 60΄. Rating: PG-16. Watch the movie 
20/11 – 22/11, 21:00: A estación violenta (2018), by Anxos Fazáns. Duration: 69΄. Rating: PG-16. Watch the movie
27/11 – 29/11, 21:00: Idrissa, crònica d´una mort qualsevol (2019), by Xavier Artigas and Xapo Ortega. Documentary. Duration: 84΄. Rating: PG-7. Watch the movie
The event is organized in cooperation with the Instituto Cervantes, the Embassy of Spain in Athens, the Festival de Sevilla, and FeCHA.


Organizer Hellenic American Union, Instituto Cervantes, Embassy of Spain in Athens, Festival de Sevilla, FeCHA
Venue Online
Start Date 06/11/2020
End Date 29/11/2020
Starting Time 21:00
Type Screening
Languages: EL, ES
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Admission Fee Free online screening (see details above)
Last Update At: 2020/12/15 - 16:29:43



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