Intensive Greek Courses - Summer 2015


Hellenic American Union is offering intensive courses to non-Greek speakers who wish to learn Greek. The dates the courses are offered are the following:

  • June: 02 - 26/06/2015
  • July: 01 - 28/07/2015
  • September: 02 - 29/09/2015

Features of the program:

  • Experienced instructors who are native speakers of Greek
  • Use of interactive whiteboards to facilitate learning
  • Free access to the Hellenic American Union Library for additional resources
  • Field trips and cultural events to help students practice their Greek in real-life situations
  • Learning materials and textbooks designed on the basis of the communicative approach

Registration has started!

For more information and registration, feel free to contact:

Modern Greek Language Program
Massalias 22, 10680 Athens


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