EcoFans call Antarctica

May 24, 2008

Through video conference Q&A session with British scientists stationed in Antarctica.


It was Saturday, 24 May, and the summer heat made its presence felt with 30°C. However, inside the Hellenic American Union Library, the temperature dropped immediately as soon as Hellenic American Union staff - with the assistance of a Press Officer of the British Antarctic Survey - took the EcoFans on a trip to the fifth largest and most unpopulated continent, Antarctica. After a slideshow presentation with questions and answers, the live conversation started, using special audiovisual equipment. The EcoFans Juniors were the first Greeks to be seen in the Antarctica, and the first Greeks who could see live the staff and scientists of the British Antarctic Survey. Among others, the EcoFans had the chance to ask them in English about the emperor penguins, the environmental threat to Antarctica, but also about how the ten people of the station spend their time, isolated for months. The event was so exciting that each Club member had a lot to ask!


Start Date 24/05/2008
End Date 24/05/2008
Type Talk - Presentation
Languages: EL, EN
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
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