Exploring the National Garden

Mar 20, 2010

The EcoFans visited the National Garden on Saturday, March 20th. The young environmentalists walked on its paths, learned the history of the Garden, and eco-inspect it in order to record modern interventions.

National Garden 1

The National Garden apart from being surrounded by a number of ancient monuments is actually a monument in itself. It is found in the center of eight Athenian neighborhoods which are directly influenced by its majestic presence. The National Garden should retain the original concept pertaining to its function and should be protected at all costs. The EcoFans Club members armed with their experience from previous events dealing with rampant vegetation, urban interferences and distortions, visited the National Garden and observing the site indicated the following potentially damaging factors:

• Methods used to water trees and plants
• Maintenance of recreation areas and pathways
• Animal hygiene in the small zoo operating in the National Garden
• Poor maintenance of the antiquities found within the National Garden

Summary of observations and comments made by the children

• Watering of trees and plants should be carried out using the original watering system of built canals and not the aesthetically unacceptable plastic hoses which can be
seen everywhere around the Garden.
• Many of the original chairs first used in the 19th century are left lying around, most of them damaged and unattended.
• The Botanical Museum has remained closed for a long time depriving visitors of valuable information and knowledge on the history of the garden.
• The area around the maintenance services of the garden interferes with the peaceful scenery of the garden. The construction material and equipment scattered around the
area prevent visitors from enjoying the walk at that part of the garden.
• There are many cars parked in the area between the garden and Zappeion. This does not present a beautiful site for the visitor although the particular area is outside
the perimeter of the garden pathways.


Start Date 20/03/2010
End Date 20/03/2010
Type Field Trip
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