The EcoFans Club visits the Planetarium

Nov 28, 2015

An educational visit at the Planetarium and a creative competition.

The Hellenic American Union EcoFans Club members always try through learning to change themselves before changing their neighborhood and the whole world. They see the environment under a new perspective, they change their daily habits that affect their home and their neighborhood, they observe the environment and at the same time they get to know themselves better.
Now the EcoFans Club members turned their attention to the sky, and they set out for an amazing voyage to strange worlds at the far corners of our galaxy. Because the EcoFans Club believes that the knowledge of the universe, the planets and their environmental secrets can give us valuable information about our own planet and its protection, it organized an educational visit at the Planetarium on Saturday 28th November for members, friends and their families.
The EcoFans had the chance to watch the movie Strange Worlds in the Solar System, on the huge planetarium dome.
Before the visit, the EcoFans explored in class the Solar System through creative 3D projects, the best of which won a competition.



Start Date 28/11/2015
End Date 28/11/2015
Type Field Trip
Languages: EN
Interpretation Provided: No
Registration Required: No
Reservation Required: No
Last Update At: 2015/11/30 - 15:12:22

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