The Examinations Glossary

Τhe meaning of the words you will hear during the exam


Εxaminer The person in charge of the administration of the written exam in the test room. He is responsible for the observance of rules and the smooth administration of the test.
Proctor The person in charge for the observance of rules during a written exam. He refers to the examiner and follows his instructions.
Oral Examiner The person who assesses a candidate's competency in English, following criteria set by the examining body.
Test Center Coordinator The person in charge of the administration of the written or oral test in a test center. During written exams, he cooperates with the examiner and proctors to ensure the smooth administration of the written exam. During oral exams, he ensures the smooth administration of the oral tests.
Answer Sheet The 2-page sheet where all answers are marked. Candidate's personal details have been pre-printed.

Writing Section Answer Sheet

The sheet where the writing task is written. Candidate's personal details have been pre-printed.
Test Booklet The booklet that contain the items/ tasks of the exam. Candidates may use it to keep notes or underline. Candidates should not mark their answers on the booklet.
Registration Form The form used by the examiner to evaluate candidate’s performance on the speaking section of the test. Candidate's personal details have been pre-printed.
Code The code that is unique to each candidate. It is printed on each candidate's receipt issued from the Hellenic American Union.
Test Center The area where the exam is administered.


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