May 2013 revisions to the ECPE Cloze


During the last two years, Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments has introduced a number of important innovations to the ECPE (Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English). These include:

  • printed question stems for Part III of the listening section (the radio reports) in the examinees’ test booklet
  • a new 5-point writing scale
  • a new speaking test
  • a new approach to calculating the pass
  • a scaled numeric score (0 –1,000) for the listening and GCVR sections 

As of May 2013, the ECPE cloze section will feature two short cloze passages with 10 items each instead of one long cloze passage with 20 items. The total number of items to be answered will not change, but examinees will have a greater variety of topics to engage with.

These changes reflect Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments’ commitment to providing examinees with a test that helps them to demonstrate their language proficiency and also offers helpful feedback on examinee performance.

In order to familiarize teachers and test takers with this change to the ECPE format, a full GCVR section, including the revised Cloze, will be available on Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments’ website in January 2012. At the same time, the Hellenic American Union will make available the sample through the ORFEAS online platform.

Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments’ full announcement

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