New Exam Prep Workshop: One Class, Multiple Exams


The current economic crisis and the plethora of language certification exams now available are obliging Language School Owners and Teachers to seek economies of scale. They no longer find it feasible to organize separate classes on the basis of specific exams but instead need to organize integrated classes for students at the same level of language competency. In short, they are obliged to accommodate—in the same classroom—students at the same CEFR language level who are preparing for different examinations. This, in turn, creates the need for a unified lesson plan that will prepare students for a specific CEFR level and not for a specific language examination.

To respond to this new need, the Hellenic American Union is organizing a workshop on designing lesson plans with exam prep material that can be used to prepare students for more than one examination. The workshop will demonstrate how preparing students at the same time for different language examinations does not involve teaching different strategies or skills. Instead, teachers should continue to apply the same fundamental principles of language teaching—which they already know—and make slight changes at points during the lesson to cover different exam formats. 

The workshop will focus on designing integrated communicative listening and reading lesson plans to help students improve their receptive skills, especially on B2 level exams. Workshop sessions will be held in February 2013 in 33 cities throughout Greece.

This is the first in a series of workshops that the Hellenic American Union has designed to help language school owners and teachers make even better use of their time and resources in increasingly difficult economic conditions. During the seminar, participants will also have the chance to discuss exam-related concerns with members of our academic and administrative staff.

Since places are limited, reservations are mandatory.

To reserve a place, call:
210 3680000 (Athens)
2310 557600 (Thessaloniki)


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