The BCCE and ALCE examinations: changes to scoring system and more test dates starting January 2014

BCCE and ALCE scoring system changes as of January 2014

Hellenic American University has announced that the scoring system for the ALCE and BCCE will change as follows:

  • Each of the four test sections – listening, GVR, writing, and speaking – will now be marked on a scale of 0 to 1,000. Despite the change in the scale, candidates will be given the same information about how well they have done on each section as the previous system provided. Each section will carry equal weight in determining the final grade.
  • The passing score for each section will be 650 out of 1,000. The scores for each section will be combined and then averaged to give a total possible average scale score of 1,000 for all four sections. This replaces the previous scale score system of 30 for each section, with a combined total possible scale score of 120.
  • Candidates who achieve an averaged total scaled score of at least 650 out of a possible 1,000 will pass the test, regardless of the number of sections they have passed. This means that candidates will no longer need to pass at least three sections in order to pass the test. The level of language proficiency required to pass each section will not change.
  • All candidates, irrespective of their result, will receive a score report which details their achievement on each section of the test. Passing candidates will receive a certificate that can be used for personal, professional or academic purposes.
More BCCE and ALCE test dates as of January 2014

On the basis of feedback from stakeholders in Greece and South East Europe, the Hellenic American Union has announced the availability of BCCE and ALCE examinations administrations for groups of foreign-language school students as follows:

  • These group-scheduled BCCE and ALCE administrations will allow EFL teachers and language schools to plan in advance how best to take advantage of administrations especially for their students. March and October are especially suitable for such group-scheduled administrations.  
  • These administrations will be offered only when interested Foreign Language School Owners request it. (A minimum number of candidates applies.)
  • These administrations will be identical in format, allotted time, and procedures to the January and June administrations. They will be held at designated test centers and organized in their entirety by the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications, which will be responsible for selecting the venues, registering candidates, providing non-standard test accommodations, and selecting and training examinations personnel.


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