MET Format and Content

The 2-skills MET tests listening, grammar, vocabulary, and reading; the 4-skills MET tests listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking. The following table presents the format and content of the MET, effective as of January 2019:

Section Time Description # of items
Listening approx. 35 minutes Multiple-choice questions assessing the ability to understand conversations and talks in social, educational, and workplace contexts. 50
Reading and Grammar 65 minutes Grammar
Multiple-choice questions testing a variety of grammar structures of written English; increased proportion focuses on academic topics.
Questions assessing the ability to understand texts covering a range of general or academic topics.
Writing 45 minutes
  • Task 1: Test taker answers three questions on a related theme using complete sentences.
  • Task 2: Test taker writes a short essay of multiple paragraphs.
2 tasks
Speaking 15 minutes max. Structured one-on-one interaction between examiner and test taker that includes five distinct tasks on a number of different topics. The tasks require test takers to describe information about an illustration, state the advantages and disadvantages of a particular situation, and give a supported opinion. In particular: 
  • Task 1: Test taker is asked to describe an illustration.
  • Tasks 2-3: Test taker answers two questions thematically related to the illustration from Task 1.
  • Task 4: Test taker explains the advantages and disadvantages about a situation.
  • Task 5: Test taker gives an opinion on a new topic and tries to convince the examiner to agree with the idea.
5 tasks
  • The two first parts (Listening, and Reading and Grammar) comprise the written section of the 2-skills MET and they are both administered on the same day.
  • The three first parts (Listening, Reading and Grammar, and Writing) comprise the written section of the 4-skills MET and they are all administered on the same day; the fourth part, the Speaking Test, is administered before, after, or even at the same day of the written examinations.
  • Listening recordings and reading passages reflect everyday interactions in an American-English-speaking environment.
  • Vocabulary is assessed within the listening and reading sections.
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