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Since our founding in 1957 we have been conducting open and fair language examinations as part of our mission to support our stakeholders’ professional and personal development. In keeping with the Hellenic American Union’s focus on public service, the Center for Examinations and Certifications also organizes a large number of community outreach services and projects, often organized in cooperation with universities and international organizations.

Our people

We have a highly qualified and well-trained academic and administrative staff, with considerable experience in testing. Specifically:

  • 95% are proficient in English at C2 level
  • 25% speak two or more foreign languages
  • 90% hold a university degree
  • Over 40% hold a Master’s degree   
  • 15% hold Ph.D.’s or are candidates for the Ph.D.
Staff Training and Professional Development

All staff members attend annual training seminars and workshops organized by the Hellenic American Union Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies or the Business Training and Information Technology Training Programs.

Academic staff members regularly attend and often make presentations at relevant international conferences and workshops.  These professional and academic conferences help our staff keep abreast of developments in the field of language learning and testing, adapt and implement international standards to meet the needs of the international educational community.

Service Orientation

Our staff know the importance of offering quality service to stakeholders and are eager to help candidates and Language Schools address any concern they might have about the examinations administered by the Hellenic American Union. Through our cooperation with cultural and educational organizations, public services, private institutions and other cultural centers in the US, Europe and Greece we introduce innovations in examination administration and logistics.

You can contact our service representatives at exams@hau.gr .

Quality Control

We audit regularly the examination procedures we implement in order to ensure the validity of the examinations we administer and the quality of the services we provide.


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Where to find us

Center for Examinations and Certifications
Didotou 15
10680 Athens
Switchboard: +30 2103680000
Fax: +30 2103634200
Email: exams@hau.gr




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