Basic Communication Certificate in English (BCCE™)

The BCCE™ provides recognized certification that the holder can communicate at B1 level in English, as outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). It is administered internationally and is developed by the Hellenic American University, a non-profit institution of higher education chartered in the state of New Hampshire, USA, in cooperation with external bodies both in Europe and the United States.

The BCCE™ is ideally suited for adolescents and adults who wish to demonstrate that they can successfully manage essential communicative tasks in the English language, but who may not yet be ready for an intermediate-level language examination. Candidates who are successful in the BCCE™ examination obtain a certificate which documents their level of English for educational, occupational, public or personal purposes.

The BCCE™ certificate can be used as proof of basic language competence for obtaining employment in the public and private sector and for further studies.

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