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  • Mar 21, 2011
    Homer and the Alphabet
    "Homer and the Alphabet" book cover  Presentation of Nanos Valaoritis´ new theory about the composition of the two Homeric epics on the occasion of the World Poetry Day....
  • Feb 8, 2011
    Singing Music
    Margarita Sygeniotou  Concert featuring songs from 20th century Greek poetry set to music, performed by Margarita Sygeniotou and Vicky Stylianou...
  • Jun 1, 2010 - Jun 30, 2010
    Donovan - Sappho  A photography exhibition with works by the famous composer Donovan, in cooperation with the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University and Govinda Gallery...
  • Jun 1, 2010 - Jun 2, 2010
    SapphoFest  A two-day event dedicated to the ancient Greek poet Sappho, in cooperation with Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University...
  • May 4, 2010
    Two California Greek poets in Greece
    Detail from Valaoritis' poetry book cover  Presentation of new books of poems by Nanos Valaoritis and Dinos Siotis…
  • Feb 11, 2010
    "Cyclonio" book cover  Presentation of "Cyclonio", a new book of poems by Iossif Ventouras…
  • Feb 10, 2006 - Feb 17, 2006
    Poetry Nights
    Adrianne Kalfopoulou  Two poetry nights on the topic of "Women Poets in English. A reading series"...
  • Apr 7, 2006 - Apr 12, 2006
    Poetry Nights
    Katerina Anghelaki - Rooke  A second series of poetry readings featuring the poets Alicia Stallings and Katerina Anghelaki - Rooke...
  • May 22, 2006
    Contemporary American Poetry
    Dr Robert J. Bertholf  A lecture on poetry by Dr Robert J. Bertholf...
  • Sep 25, 2006
    English Poetry Reading
    English Poetry Reading  An evening of poetry with poets Heleni Tsolakidou and Constantine Papakonstantinou...
  • Jan 19, 2009
    Sylvia Plath – Ted Hughes
    Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes  Panel discussion on the life and work of Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes with the participation of professors, scholars, translators and poets...
  • Oct 17, 2008
    Presenting Jerome Rothenberg
    Jerome Rothenberg  Presentation of the renowned American poet, anthologist and translator Jerome Rothenberg...
  • Sep 24, 2008 - Oct 21, 2008
    Roma Folk Tales & Panel Discussions
    Photo by Joakim Eskildsen  Folk tales and poetry by Roma writers and panel discussions, as part of the photo exhibition "The Roma Journeys"...
  • Jun 17, 2008
    Ambivalence book cover  Presentation of the new English poetry collection by Constantine Papakonstantinou...
  • Apr 17, 2008
    Music and Poetry
    Spyros Sakkas, Ioulita Iliopoulou, Yorgos Kouroupos  Lecture and concert on the relation between music and poetry featuring Ioulita Ilιopoulou, Yorgos Kouroupos and Spyros Sakkas...
  • Jun 14, 2007
    The Lions’ Gate - Titos Patrikios
    Titos Patrikios  Presentation of the poetry collection The Lions’ Gate by the eminent Greek poet Titos Patrikios, translated in English by Christopher Bakken, poet and translator, and Roula Konsolaki, translator...
  • May 2, 2007
    Nick Karouzos - Dimitris Lyacos
    Dimitris Lyacos  Presentation of the translation of Nick Karouzos´ Collected Poems by poet and translator Philip Ramp along with the English translation of the theatrical play Nyctivoe by Dimitris Lyacos...
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