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Toastmasters is an International club started in California (U.S.) whose goal is to make effective oral communication a worldwide reality through its member Clubs. The mission of a Toastmaster club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. HAU Athens Toastmasters Club was the first Toastmasters club in Greece (established in 2005).  Since then, several other clubs have been created in the “Area” including Greek and English-language clubs.

The HAU Athens Toastmasters club is
  • run in the English language
  • open to community members ages 18 and older (those affiliated with the Hellenic American Union, or HAUniv/HAEC students/faculty receive a discount).
What is a typical meeting like?

The meeting is meant to be informative, fun and stress-free. It is a great experience for any speaker at any level.

What “extras” will you get out of it?

You will also receive a new club member kit to get started (as these kits are available) and a monthly Toastmasters magazine is sent to your home or business p. Other “extras” include:

  • Join a team of great speakers
  • Learn how to give constructive feedback (evaluation)
  • Practice your English
  • Learn how to think “quick on your feet”
  • Lose the fear of public speaking
  • Have fun
What will it cost you?

Costs include new member fees, international fees (sent to the U.S. office) and club fees (local club to cover expenses). The costs are between 50 – 60 euros every 6 months. Compare that to public speaking classes or courses costing 300 euros and up!

How can you apply?

You may come by the club as a “guest” to see what meetings are like. If you are interested in becoming a member apply with the Vice President of Membership or other officer. Your membership MUST be approved by the Toastmaster club officers who will then send you a confirmation.

For more information:

The meetings are either in-person or on-line (due to Covid restrictions).

Hellenic American Union Massalias 22 Athens Greece 10680
Meeting days:
2nd & 4th Wednesday (monthly)
Meeting times:
7:00-9:00 p.m. at Massalias 22 (room usually announced before meetings via email or at front reception desk). Note: Meetings are online or in-person depending on COVID restrictions.


Information on all Toastmaters Clubs in the Area:



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Hellenic American Union Thessaloniki


Πού θα μας βρείτε

Διδότου 15 (ισόγειο)
10680 Aθήνα
Tηλ.: 2103680920
Fax: 2122222629

Μασσαλίας 22 (4ος όροφος)
10680 Aθήνα
Tηλ.: 2103680044, 2103680900
Fax: 2103633174



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