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YLTE have become MYLE; testing quality is still top!

CaMLA has announced that the name of its YLTE (Young Learners Tests of English) has changed to MYLE (Michigan Young Learners English).

Apart from the change to the tests’ name, the following changes have been implemented to the tests’ format:

  • MYLE Bronze: The Speaking section comprises 4 parts. (The same YLTE Bronze section comprised 5 parts.)
  • MYLE Silver: The Reading & Writing section includes 35 questions. (The same YLTE Silver section included 40 questions.)
  • MYLE Gold: The Reading & Writing section includes 44 questions. (The same YLTE Gold section included 50 questions.)

The names of the respective tests remain the same (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) as well as the following per test: language level; duration of each section; test environment; assessment procedures; standardization of oral examiners.

As always, CaMLA and the Hellenic American Union guarantee that MYLE are administered with the same top testing quality as all the exams we administer.

For more information on the MYLE, please visit our relevant webpage.

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