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The exams we administer and COVID-19

The following affect all exams administered by the Hellenic American Union until further notice.

The following concern exclusively exams administered by the Hellenic American Union. For any other issue not related to exams administration but related to general COVID-19 precautionary measures, relevant Greek legislation and official government guidelines apply.

  • On each exams day, our exams personnel will present a vaccination certificate within the last nine months or a COVID-19 recovery certificate within the last six months orcertificate of negative COVID-19 result, following a rapid or PCR test up until one week before the exams.
  • We will not allow into exams we administer any personnel without one of the above documents.
  • During any written and speaking tests we administer:
    • All exams venues, rooms, furniture, and equipment will be dully and professionally sanitized.
    • Our exams personnel will use antiseptic liquid and wear face masks/face shields.
    • We will also have such items available in all exams venues for test takers and exams personnel.
    • Test takers must wear a face mask/face shield for as long as they remain in closed areas (waiting areas, halls, corridors, exams rooms) before, during, and after written and speaking tests. Test takers who have been awarded special accommodations on the basis of documented disability are not obliged to wear a face mask/face shield.
    • All exams rooms will be adequately and naturally ventilated. If natural ventilation is not possible, air-conditioning will be used.
  • Test takers may be at the exams venue up to 45 minutes before the time of their written test, according to the schedule they have received. Upon arrival to the exams venue, following instructions by our exams personnel, test takers must go directly into the exams room where they will take the test.
  • If written tests include breaks, they will take place inside exams rooms. Test takers are not allowed to go outside rooms during breaks.
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