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TOEFL© Results

TOEFL iΒΤ® results are available online at the official ETS® website, approximately 10 days after the test date. TOEFL iΒΤ® certification is valid for two years; after two years' time, retaking the test may be necessary. The Hellenic American Union does not have access to, does not make public, and does not maintain any record of the candidates’ results. Candidates should address any requests to the ETS®.

TOEFL Junior® results are available according to the TOEFL junior® January-December 2016 Results Announcement. Individual score reports for each candidate are sent to Language Schools the day after the announcement of the results.

TOEFL ITP® scores are valid for two years. Because language proficiency can change considerably in a relatively short period of time, scores more than two years old cannot be reported or verified. If a test taker took the TOEFL ITP® test more than two years ago and needs to submit scores to an agency or institution, he or she must take the test again to have scores reported.

Scores are solely for the internal use of the institution administering the test. They should not be used as substitutes for actual TOEFL® test scores and are not sent to other institutions. More information on the TOEFL ITP® results is available via Hellenic American Union EPN Office of Center for Examinations and Certifications.

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