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Approaches to EFL Teaching: Writing

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Approaches to EFL Teaching: Writing

EFL teachers usually find teaching writing in the classroom a particularly challenging task especially since writing, unlike, for example, speaking, is not a naturally acquired ability. 

Teaching writing requires special focus and application of particular methodologies for teachers to be able to help their students develop their writing skills in pace with their speaking skills. This interactive activity places emphasis on the writing skills students are expected to develop. Participants will gain valuable insight into the fundamental principles of  teaching these skills in the framework of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The teaching principles and practices explored during the activity will help teachers more effectively prepare their students for English language certification examinations while enhancing their own teaching skills.

  • Understand fundamental teaching principles
  • Be exposed to various methodological approaches to teaching writing
  • Employ selected teaching strategies according to audience and language level
  • Design and plan writing tasks of various levels

  • Teaching theories and fundamental principles
    • writing approaches
    • writing skills and writing strategies
    • writing tasks – strategies to employ
  • Teaching writing in the classroom
    • the stages of a writing lesson (pre-, during and post)
  • Designing activities focusing on Writing
    • from theory to practice

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