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Becoming your students’ ECCE Speaking Examiner

For Teachers
1 hour

A webinar which focuses on how a teacher preparing students for the ECCE Speaking section can conduct the test, following all the rules and principles of the official ECCE Speaking Test.

Being in the examiner’s shoes helps teachers gain insight into all different aspects involved in the ECCE Speaking Test, in terms of both Examiner’s behavior and Assessment Criteria.

What are the benefits of the activity?

  • Get acquainted with the requirements of the ECCE Speaking test
  • Listen to teaching tips regarding ECCE Speaking preparation and share your own ideas with colleagues
  • Be exposed to the official ECCE Speaking Assessment Criteria

The Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications offers free of charge webinars for Language School Owners, Teachers and Students. All our academic support activities for the May 2022 administrations are offered online during the academic period between February-May 2022.

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