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ECCE: A learning journey for success

For Teachers
1 hour

ECCE: A learning journey for success

Are you planning your ECCE preparation class and need guidance? In this webinar you can see all the necessary steps you need to follow so that your students are fully equipped before they take the ECCE. The Hellenic American Union Publications has developed materials (Skills building books and Practice Examinations books) to help students prepare for the ECCE. Extra materials developed by the Hellenic American Union (Screening test, Quizzes, Video materials) can also be very effective and help students practice their test taking skills before they take the official examination. 


  • See all the steps you need to follow to plan your ECCE preparation class (screening test, skills books, practice tests, sample test, extra resources)
  • Familiarize yourselves with the revised ECCE format (all sections)
  • Get all the useful tips you need to share with your students and help them excel in the actual test


Academic coordinators, Center for Examinations and Certifications, Hellenic American Union

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