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Speaking practice: talk to an English speaker and boost your confidence!

For Students
Upon Request
20 min. (per participant)

Do you feel your speaking skills need an extra boost?

Our new academic support service is intended for English language learners who feel they need to practice their Speaking skills.

Feedback focuses on the participant’s strengths and weaknesses and corresponds to the participant’s level of English language competency.

Please note that:

  • Speaking practice activity is administered by the Hellenic American Union Center for Examinations and Certifications online only. Those who register for this academic support service will receive an email containing various topics to choose from and discuss during the activity. Alternatively, registered students can propose a topic of their interest to be used during the online activity. An availability form will be sent to registered students containing availability time-slots for them to fill in and also topics of discussion to choose from or propose.
  • Materials used for the online academic activity have been developed by the Hellenic American Union.

  • Expose yourself to various English speakers.
  • Gain experience in participating in a conversation and boost your confidence before you take an official examination.
  • Practice speaking in English before a job interview, before visiting an English-speaking country or just because you enjoy it.
  • Get detailed oral feedback on the spot on your performance and improve your speaking skills. 

Certified oral examiners 

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