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Damaged certificates

  • Michigan Language Assessment reissues damaged certificates provided that candidates submit a request not later than 24 months after the exam date.  
  • The reissue of a certificate due to damage of the original is charged with administrative costs.
  • Procedure for reissue of a certificate due to damage:
  1. Download, complete, and sign the relevant application
  2. Submit to the Hellenic American Union (Didotou 15, 10680 Athens or Fragkon 14, 54626 Thessaloniki) the following:
  • Completed application form.
  • Plain photocopy of ID card or passport or any other legal document of identification ("tautoprosopia" with a photograph stamped by Public Authority or driver’s license).
  • Damaged original certificate.
  • In case of total damage, include the following: Declaration Form of Law 1599/1986 stating that the original certificate has been totally damaged, and verify the authenticity of your signature on the form at a police station or Citizen Service Center (ΚΕΠ); photograph of totally damaged certificate or other proof of total damage (certificate by state authority) in the case of natural disaster, fire, earthquake, etc.. 
    Alternatively, you can issue the Declaration Form through authenticated by your digital signature. In order to complete the procedure electronically, you will need to send the authenticated Declaration Form together with a photocopied version of your ID or Passport or any other official document that verifies your identity (certificate of identity with the photograph of the bearer stamped by a state authority or your driving license) and the relevant application at
  • After 24 months after the exam date, via the relevant webpage of Michigan Language Assessment, candidates may request from Michigan Language Assessment to issue a results verification statement.
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