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Panagiotis Delis
Teacher of English

Panagiotis holds a BA in English Language  and Literature and an MA (summa cum laude) in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA).

During his undergraduate studies he planned and conducted a research on the integration of educational games in the process of teaching English language to visually impaired learners in the Center for Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind (KEAT). He holds a Braille writing system transcribing certificate and he has attended a number of seminars concerning teaching students with learning disabilities. During his postgraduate studies he was occupied with planning and conducting a research on the effectiveness of online dictionaries use in classroom (B1-B2 level learners) and taught a class of immigrants following the principles of Project-Based Learning at the Foreign Language Teaching Center of NKUA.

His academic interests include theoretical aspects of linguistics and more specifically corpus linguistics, critical discourse analysis and identity construction through language. His paper on Hip Hop rhetoric has been published by John Benjamins Publishing Company in the Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict.

In his spare time he enjoys photography, puzzles and travelling, among others. 

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