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Parents' Corner

For us, parents and guardians are key stakeholders in the learning experience! So, in this ‘corner’, we ‘join forces’ with you and guide you as to how you can use educational material effectively or take part in cultural, art or environmental activities related to English learning!

We are by your side during the whole academic year, informing you about:

  • your children’s performance in English and the teaching methods used in class
  • how you can contribute to your children’s progress and development of learner autonomy
  • educational material that could be used for creative activities at home (e.g., games, educational websites)
  • educational, cultural, art and environmental activities that you and your children could take part in


Check your child's progress in relation to the available language certificates. 

At Home

Explore new ways to help your children at home by guiding them to progressively developing learning autonomy.


Find educational, cultural, artistic and environmental activities for your children, as well as activities you can do with them at home.


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