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METAVERSE - The Next Big Thing

Metaverse is a new digital world where users or players using headsets or smart glasses can access a virtual, 3D world, many new platforms, where they can live, play and of course…consume.

Our 1st Online Meetup of 2022 on Metaverse was completed with great success. The Instructors of the Certificate in Digital Marketing discussed what is Metaverse, and how this new digital reality is going to affect the internet, social media and business.

The event was moderated by Konstantinos Androutsos, Chief Marketing Officer and Academic Advisor of Certificate in Digital Marketing, Christina Athanasiou - Team Leader on Facebook for Business UK Team - Meta, Dimitris Pefanis - Director of Finance & Business Content - DPG Group | and Panagiotis Kakolyris - Chief Operating Officer & Head of Strategy at Socialdoo, Writer and creator of Intelligent Relations.

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