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Aligning Marketing with Sales

Digital Marketing | Growth Hacking
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24 Hours

Learn how to align marketing with sales for a seamless customer experience and sales growth

Marketing and sales are the two critical driving forces behind any business.

This seminar will show you how you can align these functions, ensuring that all marketing & sales efforts are focused towards the common goal of driving growth and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Marketing is a key business activity that the sales team is (either consciously or unconsciously) also performing during their daily tasks. However, when Marketing and sales teams operate in silos, they may struggle to achieve the company's overall goals. For one, there is lack of communication and coordination between the two teams, leading to duplicative efforts and a lack of cohesion. This can result in a fragmented customer experience, as the marketing team may be promoting a product or service that the sales team is not fully aware of or prepared to sell.

In addition, operating in silos can make it difficult to track and measure the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts, as the two teams may not have a shared understanding of the final goal. This can lead to a lack of data-driven decision making and the inability to optimize resources and allocate budget effectively.

This course provides a holistic and pragmatic approach to both marketing and sales activities in organisations operating through complex systems, in multiple markets and using multiple points of sale.

This syllabus has been developed according to the latest B2B and B2C marketing and sales principles, strategies, and practices. We will present “best marketing practices” from different industries providing a practical approach to managing the marketing and sales challenges that the sales team may be facing in their daily work.

Moreover, we will discuss how digital marketing has been integrated into all faces of marketing and sales offering new customer experiences and sales growth opportunities.

Participants will receive practice and applications experiences, so they are able to put the methodology into practice at work immediately.

Aligning marketing and sales: the key to unlocking business growth and customer loyalty

Improve customer experience

Allow for a seamless customer experience. Marketing can help to generate leads and create awareness about a product or service, and the sales team can follow up on these leads and provide personalized support to close the sale.

Increase effeciency

When the sales team has a clear understanding of what marketing is doing and vice versa, dupplicate efforts are eliminated and both teams are working towards the same goals.

Increase revenue

When marketing and sales are working together, it can lead to an increase in sales and revenue. Marketing can generate leads that are more likely to convert, and the sales team can close these leads more effectively.

Better forecasting

By tracking and measuring the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts, it is easier to forecast future results and make data-driven decisions about where to allocate resources.

  • Marketing managers
  • Sales managers
  • Marketing and sales team members
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Customer service professionals
  • Product managers
  • Advertising and public relations professionals
  • Commercial executives
  • Startuppers
  • Business Schools Graduates

Completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of marketing and sales, and how they can complement each other
  • Identify the marketing / sales tasks that they undertake daily from a marketing perspective
  • Identify the commercial business strategies and practices as a systematic and methodological approach into their organizations
  • Identify various marketing channels and techniques for reaching and engaging customers
  • Identify the need for the development of the marketing and sales infrastructure much required in building a customer centric business approach
  • Build a sales and marketing dashboard into effectively assigning KPI’s per customer group
  • Build up the components of a marketing and sales audit 
  • Plan and integrate digital marketing tactics into their marketing and sales activities
  • Develop a marketing and sales dashboard
  • Develop a sales strategy that aligns with marketing efforts

Marketing Fundamentals

  • Desired marketing strategic orientation – it’s all about focus and objectives
  • Marketing and sales infrastructure: systems, processes, organizational structures
  • The Service-Dominant logic versus the Goods-Dominant logic versus the customer dominant logic as means of implementation of advanced sales and marketing strategies and practices in a complex business environment 
  • Omnichannel marketing & sales 
  • Relationship Marketing versus Transactional marketing applications and practices: Is an organization willing and able to implement both marketing philosophies?
  • Managing the marketing concept and its applications – building a customer-centric culture
  • Effective Segmentation: process and rationale, criteria for development – case studies
  • Effective target marketing – case studies
  • Positioning from theory to practice—case studies 
  • Brand and Sales Funnel analysis 
  • Creating a differential advantage – how our clients perceive our brand    
    • Customers’ mindsets
    • Brand Values
    • Company’s Values
    • Products’ Values 

Marketing & Sales Alignment

  • A Leader or a Sales manager 
  • Desired sales strategic orientation 
  • Understanding and managing our marketing and sales based on: Retention Marketing – our customer portfolio, Consumer marketing – potential customers, the B2B portfolio – shopper marketing portfolio
  • Growth models in aligning sales and marketing
  • Do we sell a product or a customer solution (product / services bundle)? 
  • The value and the importance of a sales team in the company’s marketing strategy as customers’ point of contact with the company
  • Aligning sales quotas, goals and sales compensation plans in a unified marketing and sales plan
  • “In God we trust, all others bring data.” — W. Edwards Deming. A two-way communication based on data management. 

Marketing & Sales in the Digital Era 

  • How the internet changed marketing, sales and consumer behaviors
  • How digital marketing, digitization and digitalization has changed marketing, sales and business growth
  • The digital market in Greece
  • How e-Commerce integrates with marketing and sales
  • Omnichannel marketing case studies
  • Digital Marketing terminology

Marketing Plan Development

  • Structure and Elements of a Marketing Plan
  • Strategy Development
  • The marketing mixes 

ASSSESSMENT: Building up the Dashboard / Teamwork (Feedback submitted to each team by the instructor)


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