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Campaign Workshop for Mayors

Leadership and Empowerment
26 Hours

Lear how to effectively organize your municipal election campaign from start to finish, utilizing the knowledge, skills, and practical tools provided in this workshop.

This workshop is exclusively developed for mayoral candidates and their close associates. It will address all the requirements of a mayoral campaign in a systematic manner, covering strategic planning, communication, organization, management of political offices, and crisis management. Distinguished instructors with extensive practical and theoretical experience in election campaigns lead the workshop.

The workshop includes 18 hours of lectures and discussions, as well as 8 hours of hands-on practical workshops.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Effectively implement every aspect of your election campaign,
  • Monitor and evaluate each step of its execution,
  • Take immediate and decisive action to seize opportunities and address unexpected needs,
  • Minimize damage and mistakes,
  • Stay focused on actions that ensure the most efficient use of your available resources (time, money, human resources, communication capabilities).

This workshop is offered only in Greek. Please refer to our Greek page for more information.

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