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Certificate in Online Journalism & Content Creation

Journalism & New Media
Starting Soon
60 hours
Upper Intermediate

Become a newsroom pro! Learn Online Journalism

The Certificate in Online Journalism & Content Creation, exclusively for web editors, covers the knowledge and skills needed to support a contemporary newsroom.

Why Online Journalism

Nowadays websites are the first choice and the biggest employer for young journalists, and university graduates and for professionals of traditional offline media who want to move to digital media.

The Certificate

The Certificate in Online Journalism offers the technical knowledge, skills, and online journalistic mindset that a web editor needs to work in a digital media newsroom, whether in news, lifestyle, or sports reporting.

This course is ideal for journalism graduates who need to get practical knowledge of online media content strategies and tools, which are not always covered in academic journalism programs. It is designed for:

  • Young journalists with no experience in digital media
  • Journalists and young writers working in offline media (print, TV, radio, etc)
  • University graduates in the arts and sciences who want to work as journalists
  • Corporate communication professionals who wish to be better equipped to communicate their company’s voice and identity in the media

This program is offered in Greek. Check our Greek page to learn more.


  • There is no equivalent course in Greece and very few equivalent higher education courses in Europe
  • Few junior editors have the skills required to work in a contemporary newsroom – and have to learn on the job
  • The course covers planning and creating digital content as well technical requirements for placing content online; again, these are topics that university journalism and new media programs rarely cover
  • The knowledge provided is exactly what major web and new portals and digital media require from people working in their newsrooms.
  • It offers a holistic approach to digital media, from cultivating an online journalism mindset to producing and placing digital content online that will bring traffic, engagement and sales.


  • From traditional mass media to online journalism

The evolution of media on the internet. How it was, how it is today.

Instructor: Aris Laoudis, Director at Liquid Media SA (


  • Elements of the newsroom

The structure of the journalist team and the roles of editors

Instructor: Aris Laoudis, Director at Liquid Media SA (


  • Websites: Planning, structure, and operation

Planning considerations, technical specifications, and basic operational principles for a news portal. The role of advertisement.

Instructor: Giannis Mandalidis, Journalist, Manager,, DPG Media


  • Content Management System (CMS)

Types of content management system and how they work. In what ways, with what tools, and to what ends do we “flesh out” the website.

Instructor: Giannis Mandalidis, Journalist, Manager,, DPG Media


  • Producing Content for the Internet

Copywriting for online news brands, ways to create engaging content and measure effectiveness, the importance of visuals and multimedia, readability concerns.Legal framework of online journalism
Rights, obligations, restrictions, freedoms and risks of online content.

Instructors: Aris Laoudis, Director at Liquid Media SA ( / Konstantinos Tsitsas, Editor In Chief @Spend it Section,, Liquid Media


  • Basis SEO Principles

The technical knowledge a web editor must have to create effective online content.

Instructor: Aris Laoudis, Director at Liquid Media SA (


  • News and social media

How journalists can make best use of what is happening in the world of social media.

Instructor: Panagiotis Gkanas, Social Media Marketer, Liquid


  • Analytics and insights for media professionals

Google Analytics and social media insights – the role and limits of insights in decision-making – metrics and planning.

Instructor: Aggelos Nikolopoulos, Digital Strategist, DirectBookings, Growth Agency, Adaplo


  • The power of videos

How to appropriate use images in websites and easily produce effective video for social media.

Instructor: Bill Stathopoulos, Director of Strategy & Content, Ad World Conference | SaaS Specialist


  • Online content strategy

Online journalism benefits from a rich diversity of online content types and publication channels. The challenge is in selecting the most appropriate one.

Instructor: Konstantinos Tsitsas, Editor In Chief @Spend it Section,, Liquid Media


  • Audience engagement strategies

The greatest challenge for a news site isn’t simply increasing traffic. It is maintaining the visitors you acquire, turning it into direct traffic, and finding ways to keep them engaged and interested (e.g. info videos, podcasts).

Instructor: Konstantinos Tsitsas, Editor In Chief @Spend it Section,, Liquid Media



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