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Skills in Marketing and Sales

Digital Marketing | Growth Hacking
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9 Hours

Adding value for customers and companies in a rapidly changing business environment

Marketing and sales are essential parts for the marketing activities in each company and have the overall common goal to offer superior customer value as corporate differential advantage.

In today’s digitized and globalized highly destructive and competitive business environment the notion of marketing and sales alignment becomes of outmost significance, the core central concepts of the strategy to the minute details of execution. Marketing and sales alignment becomes the ultimate denominator of an effective customer journey, a value-added customer experience.

The marketing and sales alignment is the missing link of marketing effectiveness and is the focus of the six series of business webinars addressed to sales and marketing executives of SEV member companies.

1st - 2nd webinar: Marketing and Sales Strategies and Practices for Effectiveness

  • Upskilling in marketing and sales: SEV and HAU research studies concerning sales reps skills and competencies
  • B2C sales interaction based on customer segments
  • The future of B2B sales
  • Is Marketing a Science or an Art?
  • Models of Marketing and sales strategies and practices for effectiveness
  • Marketing/sales operations responsibilities in a digitized environment
  • Characteristics of modern selling - The selling world
  • The sales force effectiveness drivers make the difference
  • Managing the marketing and sales effort
  • The sales process
  • The interaction model -marketing and sales processes in the digitalization era

3rd - 4th webinar: Customer-centric strategic orientation

  • Marketing and Sales alignment – the missing link
  • Aligning RM, HRM and Sales
  • Behaviorism matters
  • Customer-centric orientation vs. product-centric orientation
  • Case studies: Nutella: customer-centric practices / Mercedes Benz: online marketing practices
  • The desired set of skills and competencies for customer-oriented marketers
  • The Outside in (OI) Market oriented school of thought debate vs. the Inside Out (IO) Resource Based school of thought
  • Market strategies coverage
  • Customer segmentation dashboard

5th - 6th webinar: An effective customer journey - CX and Omni-channel marketing

  • The process of integrating the product-centric strategic orientation with customer-centric strategic orientation
  • Effective segmentation – Target marketing – Positioning and Brand management
  • A holistic business approach in managing optimal customer service experience
  • The complete guide to customer experience
  • Which techniques do you use to research and improve customer journey effectiveness?
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) Calculation
  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)
  • CES (Customer Effort Score)
  • Customer Journey detaills / Touch points/context/qualities
  • How to calculate the ROI of your customer experience program
  • Omni-channel marketing/sales
  • A differentiated customer journey
  • Advantages of Omni-channel marketing
  • Integration: does it take time and effort?
  • Organizational changes


Damianos Giannakis
Associate Professor, Hellenic American University, Nashua, NH. USA

Dr. Damianos Giannakis is an Associate Professor in marketing at Hellenic American University, Nashua, NH.He holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. He ha ...

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