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The Art of Radio

Journalism & New Media
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12 hours

Learn how to create a radio production

Radio remains a much-loved medium with wide appeal. In this seminar, you will learn about its specific features and the various types of radio programs, with an emphasis on news, entertainment, and interviews. You will have the chance to practice your skills in a pilot radio program, working on different types of radio production.

In addition, the rapid growth of internet radio has even turned our homes into radio studios, making it imperative for future radio producers to adjust to the medium's rapid evolution.

This seminar offers you a unique opportunity to practice radio broadcasting in a real studio, test your skills, and develop your talent news, music, or entertainment productions.

  • The entire production flow of a radio show: from preparation, setting up the studio process, and closing the show
  • How to set up an online radio show from your home, a phenomenon that is rapidly growing nowadays
  • The peculiarities of information, news, music, and entertainment radio productions
  • How to organize your time in a radio production
  • How to live broadcast via the microphone and be able to manage unexpected guests, interviews, and studio staff

The radio as an information medium

  • The history of radio in Greece and the world
  • The future of radio (DAB instead of FM, internet stations, etc.)

Current affairs and entertainment radio stations

  • Various Greek radio stations and how to distinguish their differences
  • What are the requirements for each type of radio station?

Basic radio rules and principles

  • The correct posture on the microphone, and how to manage unexpected situations
  • How to "set up" a show
  • Who support us when we go live
  • How to communicate with our soundman and producer during the show
  • How to manage our time when on the air and what rules must be followed
  • How we use sponsorships and contests, and how do we achieve interactive communication with listeners

Writing news and producing a news show

  • How to select news stories, and how to put together a newscast
  • How to deliver the news journal on the microphone
  • What a news magazine is and how to “set it up

Producing a current affairs radio show

  • How to organize a current affairs radio show
  • What are the criteria for choosing topics and people
  • How to handle breaking news
  • What the listener wants to hear and when
  • What to avoid when on the air and why

Producing an entertainment radio show

  • What the "ingredients" are for a successful entertainment radio show
  • How to choose music for radio, and what rules must be followed
  • What our listeners want to hear, and how we "communicate" with them
  • What we should avoid in a music or entertainment show and why

The radio interview

  • How to prepare a radio interview
  • What criteria to use to select a person for an on-air interview
  • What rules to follow during the interview to "get the news out"

Pilot production (simulation of a studio recording)

  • Practical exercise – each participant will create a 2-3 minute sound clip in a real studio environment.
Aimilios Perdikaris
Chairman Of The Board, General Manager at ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ / Athens Macedonian News Agency

Ο Αιμίλιος Περδικάρης τελεί σήμερα Πρόεδρος του πρόεδρος του Αθηναϊκού και Μακεδονικού Πρακτορείου Ειδήσεων (ΑΠΕ - ΜΠΕ).Σπούδασε στη Νομική Σχολή του Εθνικού και Καποδιστριακού Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών κα ...

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