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The Art of Television Reporting

Journalism & New Media
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12 hours

All you need to know to start your career in a TV newsroom

This 12 hour intensive seminar introduces you to the basic principles of reporting for television. It covers topics such as the importance of the image in assessing a news item; techniques for TV interviews; new kinds of reportage on Greek and foreign television today; and the challenges for the medium today as it confronts the power of the internet.

This seminars is specifically designed for students and graduates of university journalism and communication programs who want to learn more about television journalism.  It is also useful for professionals in the field, such as reporters, photojournalists, backpack journalists, who are interested in enhancing their knowledge of how new technological advancements are being used in communication and mass media today.

  • Identifying sources for a TV news report and verifying a news item in the age of fake news.
  • Competition from the internet and the delicate balance between speed and credibility.
  • Techniques for conducting a successful television interview and how it is different from other media.
  • How platforms such as Skype and Zoom have done away with distances and opened up new possibilities.
  • Storytelling – foregrounding the human story as the core element of a news report.  Securing the emotional engagement of viewers and attracting younger audiences.
  • The visualization of news, natural sound, and news headlines. How television differs from other media.
  • Core principles of journalism ethics and how these are put into practice in TV reportage.
  • The challenges TV journalisms face today, and scenarios for the medium’s future.
  • A toolkit for investigative reporting
  • The history of uncovering great scandals and the importance of networking with journalists from various countries.

As part of the seminar, you and your fellow participants will work with the instructor to produce a 90-second TV news report that focuses on telling a story.

Adriana Magania
Journalist – International News Department at Hellenic Public TV (Ert)

Η Αδριάννα Μαγγανιά είναι Δημοσιογράφος στο Τμήμα Διεθνών Ειδήσεων στην Ελληνική Δημόσια Τηλεόραση. Σπούδασε Επικοινωνία και ΜΜΕ στο Εθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών και ακολούθησε μεταπτυ ...

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