Communication Skills for Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

Participating in international trade fairs in Greece and abroad is a key opportunity to promote a company and its products, a networking opportunity, and a way to reach partners or customers in foreign markets. However, such participation comes at a significant cost, and a company will want to ensure that it will receive the expected results. Poor communication can compromise these results. Improving your communication skills can help maximize the benefits of trade fairs.  This seminar will equip you with the English-language tools needed to present your company and its products and services to individual visitors or greater audiences of the trade fair. It will also enhance your ability to handle potential clients’ questions, network successfully, and organize your follow-up activities after the fair. 



  • Naturally starting a conversation with someone nearby
  • Making introductions
  • Socializing with confidence
  • Making small talk
  • Carrying on the conversation with prospect clients
  • Arranging contact after the exhibition


  • Presenting to a group vs. presenting to an individual
  • Presenting the company
  • Presenting and describing products, product lines, advantages, innovations
  • Explaining accompanying services
  • Presenting facts, and numbers
  • Holding the audience’s attention
  • Dealing with questions and discussion


Course Code COM102
Department Vocational Training
Instructor Michael Robbs
Instruction Languages EN
Prerequisites Intermediate command of the English language (at least Lower level)
Who should attend Professionals who represent their company/organization at trade fairs, salespeople who sell products or services in the internat
Certificate of AttendanceYes
Offered OnlineNo
Available to Buy OnlineNo
Course Fees €180.00
Last Update At: 2016/07/08 - 10:53:52


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