Certified Exporter ® Exam Prep Course

The Certified Exporter® (CE), an IIEI Certification focuses on the essential knowledge and skills required for a career in international trade. The 28-hour Certified Exporter exam preparation course covers the key knowledge areas, such as trade principles, concepts and processes, included in the examination’s body of knowledge. During this course you will identify export trends and understand international market research and entry; explore fundamental methods of logistics and distribution when moving goods in a foreign market; recognize proper pricing of goods within international markets and examine the various payment methods available; implement the terminology of international trade and understand the importance and requirement of proper documentation.

Why pursue the Certified Exporter® designation

  • Learn beneficial trade concepts
  • Communicate with trade peers more easily and effectively
  • Build professional credentials and status
  • Differentiate yourself from competition and enhance career opportunities
  • Increase value to employers



  • Globalization
  • Exporting, importing
  • The element of the export plan
  • Trade agreements

Reaching Markets

  • Company’s export readiness
  • Overseas inquiry
  • Outbound inquiry
  • Product export potential
  • International marketing information
  • Assessing markets - market research and entry
  • Other sources of information
  • Commerce export assistance programs

Export Distribution

  • Assessing the value and importance of various international distribution methods
  • Recognizing the value of distribution agreements

Export Pricing

  • Recognizing the proper prices of goods in an international market
  • Distinguishing between domestic and international pricing

Shipping and Documentation

  • Cargo insurance
  • Documentation
  • Export packing
  • Export labeling
  • Transportation

Financing Exports

  • Getting paid
  • Methods of payment involved in the exporting of goods
  • Risks involved with the different payment methods
  • Financing your exports

International Law

  • Agency agreements
  • Patent and intellectual property legal considerations
  • International licensing issues
  • Export tax incentives
  • Free Trade Zone benefits
  • Regulations related to the export of controlled goods

Business Travel

  • Trade missions
  • ATA carnet system


Course Code EXP100
Department Vocational Training
Instruction Languages EN
Prerequisites Good knowledge of the English language (C1) is required
Who should attend Entrepreneurs and people seeking to start a career in international trade
Certificate of AttendanceYes
Offered OnlineNo
Available to Buy OnlineNo
Course Fees €700.00
Last Update At: 2016/07/08 - 10:47:40


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