List of Personal Development Seminars


  • Energy and Time Management
    The seminar focuses on the factors that affect our personal energy. It presents ways to help us refill our energy reserves, and manage both our time and energy in order to maintain physical and mental strength, increase productivity and unleash our creative power.
  • Changing Work Identity after the age of 35
    During this workshop, you will learn how to discover and forge a new and more satisfying work identity.
  • The Secrets of Change
    During this workshop, you will learn how to positively deal with change and develop skills to be able to change what does not work for you anymore.
  • Initiative and Action in the Workplace
    This seminar focuses on how to leverage personal and company factors to boost your capacity—and that of your company’s workforce—to take initiative.
  • Using Drama Principles to Improve your Professional Relations
    This one-day seminar will help you understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal expression towards effective communication.
  • Four Ways to Manage Stress
    The seminar will point out the main stress factors and will introduce techniques to effectively deal with them and gain mental and body balance.
  • How to Strengthen your Professional Image, in Three Steps
    This seminar gives you step-by-step help to strengthen and improve your professional image. You’ll begin by analyzing your personal characteristics and move on to examining your everyday communication and finally discussing the right attitude for development and creation in the workplace.
  • Social Intelligence and Interpersonal Effectiveness
    This seminar will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the main factors that affect interpersonal effectiveness. It will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the others around you through theory and a lot of practical exercises.
  • Innovative and Creative Thinking in the Workplace
    This seminar will explore ways to enhance creative and strategic thinking and foster a more innovative and productive working environment.
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