List of Personal Development Seminars


  • English beyond textbooks and exams
    This 60-hour course provides you with the opportunity to keep in touch with your English through creative, inspiring and engaging activities.
  • Speech Training
    The seminar uses technical exercises that will help you express yourself with clarity, at a proper cadence and in an appropriate tone of voice, so that you can make yourself understood, keep others interested and communicate effectively.
  • Effective Listening in the Workplace
    The seminar presents tools and practices to help you develop your active and empathetic listening skills in order to improve your relationships at work and achieve your professional goals.
  • Personal Power and Influence
    The seminar will help you identify your sources of personal power and style of influencing others and explore ways you can use them to accomplish your career goals.
  • Social Intelligence and Interpersonal Effectiveness
    This seminar will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the main factors that affect interpersonal effectiveness. It will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the others around you through theory and a lot of practical exercises.
  • Self re:branding
    The seminar will help you to re-define and build your personal brand and manage your public image and story.
  • Time Management
    The seminar focuses on three stages of time management, from replenishing personal energy to defining priorities and changing collective practices in the workplace.
  • Critical Thinking for Problem Solving and Crisis Management
    The seminar covers the basic principles of critical thinking and its practical application to decision making and crisis management at the individual, group and corporate level.
  • Using Drama Principles to Improve your Professional Relations
    This one-day seminar will help you understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal expression towards effective communication.
  • Four Ways to Manage Stress
    The seminar will point out the main stress factors and will introduce techniques to effectively deal with them and gain mental and body balance.
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