List of Risk Management Seminars


  • Corporate Debt Restructuring
    How to develop a corporate restructuring plan.
  • Bank Analysis
    This seminar provides the tools and techniques to address challenges in bank, credit and risk analysis, and in due diligence issues which arise when analyzing emerging market banks.
  • Basel III Accord - New Standards for Capital, Liquidity, and Systemic Risk Management
    This intensive, practice driven and interactive risk management seminar introduces, discusses and analyzes the implications this new macro-prudential regulatory regime has on the future of banking, risk management, and risk managers.
  • Financial Risk and Regulation
    This four-day preparation course for the Finacial Risk & Regulation,delivers a deep, qualitative understanding of risk management methodologies, governance structures for the management of risk in banks, and the regulatory principles outlined by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
  • Foundations of Financial Risk
    This risk management preparation course for the Foundations of Banking Risk Certificate (FBR), ensures basic understanding of risk-related issues so that employees are better equipped to recognize any problems or trends whatsoever and address them appropriately.
  • Advanced Credit and Financial Analysis
    This intensive and interactive risk management seminar includes the latest practical and theoretical developments in credit risk analysis, and offers realistic case studies and group activities to reinforce concepts and relationships in this area.
  • Bankers' Lending Techniques
    This two-day workshop covers practical lending techniques and describes the principles and practices involved in lending.
  • Remedial Management
    This seminar focuses on the qualitative and quantitative skills required to identify early warning sign of credit deterioration and will enable participants to better understand the specific risks associated with companies in a challenging trading environment.
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