The Art of Project Management® for IT/IS Projects

Learn the fundamental principles, tools and techniques in managing IT Projects

The seminar presents a standard project management methodology for application in the IT environment, recognizing the nature of project work unique to IT/IS projects.

The courses focuses on the project plan, which is compromised of basically six components: project objectives (requirements, SOW), a work breakdown, (WBS), a project organization (OBS), a project schedule, project baseline (budget) and risk management.

Course leader: Anthony Eve, PMP, P2, MAPM, Director of Consulting, Global Business Management Consultants

Learning outcomes

By attending this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of a successful project manager/leader and benchmark your skills
  • Plan IT projects effectively and coach others to plan
  • Understand each phase of an IT project to enable effective forward planning
  • Develop realistic resource plans
  • Use an effective project reporting system so that your clients and team will know what stage the project is at, and any changes that have been agreed upon
  • Develop effective communication across project teams
  • Use simple, user-friendly risk-management tools
  • Manage cross-functional and cross-cultural teams
  • Motivate and empower team members
  • Develop a personal action plan to keep you focused on your tasks

Download full description of the seminar (.pdf, 260 KB).


The Project Management Method

  • Why are IT projects different?
  • Keys to successfully implement IT projects
  • The role of the project manager
  • Characteristics of effective project managers
  • Who are the key players in IT/IS projects?
  • Five basic functions of project management

Participation: The Assessment Inventory for Project Management
You will use this unique 360 degree evaluation tool to evaluate your project management skills and effectiveness.

Effective Project Planning – Tools & Behaviors

  • The basic five part project planning model
  • Project objectives development by getting requirements from initial client and team meetings
  • Statement of work (SOW)
  • Criteria for developing WBS
  • SDLC - Systems Development Life Cycle

Workshop 1: Structuring and Organizing an IT Project
You will work in groups to create a work breakdown structure for an IT project case study and compare the strengths and weaknesses of your results to those of the other groups.

Scheduling and budgeting

  • What does the rest of the plan look like?
  • IT project breakdown into tasks
  • Tasks scheduling (GANTT and PERT charts)
  • Effort and duration estimation
  • Matching resources to tasks
  • Performance baselines and the budget

Workshop 2: Scheduling the IT Project, developing a resource plan and making trade-offs

Organizing Staff

  • Project managers in different corporate structures
  • Characteristics of project management – the people side
  • Responsibilities, authority, and networks of alliances
  • Power dynamics in teams
  • Organizational relationships and the project team
  • Influences of different national, corporate, and individual cultures and values
  • "Managing by projects"

The Project Leader/ Manager

  • The basics of leadership.
  • A leadership model for continuous improvement
  • Effective cross-functional project team selection
  • Team decision-making, delegation, and consensus
  • Effect of culture on team performance
  • Effect of problem-solving style and management style on team performance and creativity
  • Conflicts between project team members, functional managers, and project managers
  • Improving the project manager/ senior management interface

Participation: Determining Your Management Style
You will determine your personal problem-solving style and learn techniques to build on your strengths and capitalize on the contrasting strengths of others.

Workshop 3: A Project Planning Situation
In a project simulation, you will have the opportunity to experience the effects of differing management and problem-solving styles on team performance, communications and productivity.

Communications and Motivation

  • Techniques for improving project communications
  • Getting the most out of meetings
  • Project office and control room
  • Team participation and involvement
  • Stimulating self-motivation and high-performance
  • Techniques to motivate individual team members
  • Dealing with difficult people and behaviors

Project Risk Management

  • Definition of risk
  • Risk policies, methodologies and process
  • Sources of risk in IT projects
  • Quantitative vs. qualitative risk assessment
  • Risk mitigation and writing of contingency plans

Workshop 4: You develop a risk management approach.
Working in groups, use the techniques learned to perform a risk analysis and mitigation on the IT project that was planned in earlier workshops.

Project Control

  • Project control through effective communications
  • Ingredients of project control: C.O.S.T.
  • Need for measuring progress
  • A project review meeting
  • The need for re-planning and re-baselining

Project Reporting

  • Using reports for team and client communications
  • How often should reports be prepared?
  • Keeping the customer informed

Workshop 5: Controlling an IT Project
You will work in groups to create a project reporting system for the IT project you have planned in the previous workshops.

Exercise: Match the Project Management Methodology techniques learnt to the issues and problems identified earlier in the course.



Course Code P5033
Department Vocational Training
Instructor Tony Eve, PMP, P2, MAPM, George Merguerian, PMP
Instruction Languages EN
Level Introductory
Prerequisites None
Who should attend IT project managers, IT managers, CIOs, IT engineers, PMO managers
Certificate of AttendanceYes
Certification Track PMP®, IPMA
Continuing Education Credits 24 PDUs
Offered OnlineNo
Available to Buy OnlineNo
Course Fees €1,100.00 €750.00
Partner Institution Business Management Consultants


Days and Hours Start Date End Date Hours per Week
Mon-Tue-Wed, 9.00-17.00 15/05/2017 17/05/2017 24
Last Update At: 2016/11/07 - 15:09:29


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